The representative city in Oita prefecture known for hot springs and sightseeing. About 4 million tourists visit this city every year. You can see lots of rising steam from hot springs throughout the city. The leading Onsen City Beppu has the largest number of wells and the volume of hot springs in Japan. We have "10" of 11 types of hot springs!

8 hot spa town full of individuality Beppu Hot Spring

Beppu Onsen

The symbol of Beppu, Takegawara Onsen has the quaint wooden structure. And its high ceiling reminds us of good old days in early 20th century and offers you space for relaxation. There is a well known Suna-yu, the sand spa. You can enjoy it with Yukata on you, the Japanese casual wear often seen in Onsen city, while lying in the sand. The staffs bury your body in the warm sand.

Hamawaki Onsen

One of the original hot springs in Beppu. “Utopia Hamawaki” is a multipurpose Cure-house, where you can experience gushing bath, bubble bath, exercise bath, box steam bath, waterfall shower and so on.

Kannawa Onsen

Lots of steam is rising from everywhere in the Kannawa Onsen, the most symbolic place of Beppu city. Mushi-yu is the unique style of bathing. People lie on the warmed floor with herbs.

Myoban Onsen

Myoban Onsen is situated in the mountainous region at 400m elevation. The way to manufacture “Yunohana” has been designated as an intangible cultural heritage, and taken over for long years since Edo era. There are straw-thatched roof tents to make Yunohana. The tents are full of rustic and offensive smell. The muddy bath of Beppu Hoyo Land offers one and only experience!

Horita Onsen

Horita Onsen is located near Beppu IC of Oita Highway. In addition to house baths, there are enjoyable open-air baths that let you feel the sense of seasons. The Municipal Horita Onsen offers the special restrooms for ostomates. It is designed for senior or handicapped people for their comfortable use. Handrails are installed in the baths and the dressing rooms.

Kankaiji Onsen

You can enjoy the city scenery from the 150m elevation while taking spas. The spa of this area has transparent and soft water. Suginoi Palace is proud of “Tana-yu”, the large open-air bath with a great view. It is inspired by Japanese traditional rice field.

Kamegawa Onsen

There is an atmosphere of the old Japanese therapeutic town. You can experience the natural sand bath with the sounds of sea wave at Beppu Kaihin Suna-yu. Municipal Hamada Onsen has universal designed spa with characteristic wooden roof.

Shibaseki Onsen

Municipal Shibaseki Onsen, placed along the mountain stream near Chinoike and Tatsumaki Jigoku, has many types of baths like open-air, steam, waterfall shower, and private bath. This spring refresh and moisten your skin!

Sightseeing places in Beppu

Jigoku Meguri
- the hells tour -

There are 8 spectacular hells called Jigoku. They are respectively named Umi, Oniishibouzu, Yama, Kamado, Oniyama, Shiraike, Chinoike, and Tatsumaki Jigoku. While sightseeing, you can eat eggs and pudding made by hot spring steam.

Umi Tamago

Located along the Beppu bay coast, it has an 8 meters high aquarium with 1,250 tons of water, and has a “touch pool” where you can spend your time with marine lives.

Mt. Takasaki

A lot of natural monkeys live in the mountains and come close to the tourists. You can take a monorail called “Sarukko rail” to the main place. You don’t have to walk on a steep slope any more.

Mt. Tsurumi Beppu Ropeway

It takes only 10 minutes to the top of the mountain by the huge gondola that accomodates 101 persons! The wide pnorama will surprise you. You can enjoy seasonal scenery like spring cherry blossoms, early summer Kyushu Azalea, summer night view, autumn leaves, and winter rime.

African Safari

Safari style wildlife park. More than 70 species, 1,400 animals like elephants, giraffes, lions live in the 5 areas. By taking the jungle bus, you can feed them from herbivorous animals to carnivorous ones.