Be Anywhere At Anytime By Taxi.

Suitable Taxi Option

There are many inconvenient tourist destinations to go with public transportation. In Japan, ride-sharing service (lift or uber) can not be used, so a good option for you is a taxi. Generally speaking, Japanese taxi fare is calculated by the odometer. But do you know how to take a taxi ride which is cheaper than a meter run? It is a taxi travel plan specializing in taxi movement only. This plan is a commodity that only a travel company can sell. If there is a place where you can’t go by taxi, please ask us. The fee we offer you is cheaper than a meter run to a sightseeing spot.

*Not including toll road fee, parking fee, and sightseeing entrance fee.

Beppu private Sightseeing tour / 2-hr

Bound for Aquarium Umitamago, Mt.Takasaki Monkey Park


Beppu private Sightseeing tour / 2-hr

Bound for 4 Kind of Jigoku Hot Spring Tour, Yunohana, Okamotoya 


Beppu private Charter Sightseeing tour /3-hr

Visiting any attractions in Beppu City


Beppu →Yufuin  / 40-min

Direct Driving


Beppu →Oita Airport / 50-min

Direct Driving



The representative city in Oita prefecture known for hot springs and sightseeing. About 8.8 million tourists visit the city every year. You can see various rising steam from hot springs once you arrive in the city. The leading Hot springs of Beppu has the largest number of wells and the volume of hot springs in Japan. There are 10 types of hot springs that each has 11 kinds of various baths.


kijima amusement park

It is an amusement park in a forest between Beppu and Yufuin. There are plenty of attractions such as roller coasters and Ferris wheels to provide enjoyment for children and adults.


Steamed cooking

You can enjoy cooking in self-styled with the steam of hot spring. You can taste freshly steamed dishes which is cooked at high-temperature steam.

JIgoku Onsen

Jigoku Meguri 

There are 8 spectacular Hot Spring hells called Jigoku. There are 8 spectacular Hot Spring hells called Jigoku. They are respectively named Umi, Oniishibouzu, Yama, Kamado, Oniyama, Shiraike, Chinoike, and Tatsumaki Jigoku.


Yufuin is an amazing hot spring town around the foot of the beautiful Mt.Yufu. Yufuin is divided into 3 areas. They are Yufuin, Yunohira, and Tsukahara that all have rich quantity of hot springs



It is the most famous tourist attraction of Yufuin. The lake is surrounded by walking paths. You can see fish and water birds swimming. It is a suitable place for walking. From autumn to winter morning, you can see the dreamy lake Kinrin covered with morning fog.



You can take a horse-drawn carriage and explore Yufuin. While listening to the sound of horses’ hooves, a journey of about 50 minutes in a carriage will be a good memory of the journey.



You can take a horse-drawn carriage and explore Yufuin. While listening to the sound of horses’ hooves, a journey of about 50 minutes in a carriage will be a good memory of the journey.

Oita City

Oita city is rich with the sea products, natural mountains, and many hot springs springing up. Many large facilities such as art museums, libraries and restaurants play a central role in Oita prefecture. There are also many shopping facilities that gives you shopping enjoyment in small shopping streets and arcades.

‚Oita, Mt.Takasaki

Monkey Park

This is an amazing natural zoo where you can find about 1,200 wild monkeys. Curious monkeys may approach to the tourists but you can watch them with ease.




It is an aquarium where you can enjoy dolphins and walrus shows.  It has an 8 meters high aquarium with 1,250 tons of water, and a “touch pool” where you can spend your time with marine life.


Kunisaki City

It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes from Tokio by plane. Kunisaki city located Oita airport is dotted with Buddhist ruins such as stone Buddhas and ancient temples. It is a very attractive place for history lovers.There are walking and trecking courses to explore the mountains of the Kunishigashima, running course on the coast by a rental bicycle and activities are also substantial.

Usuki City

Usuki City is well-known as a castle town, and focusing on the preservation of “Japanese houses” which are made of wood. You can travel to old houses that looks like Japanese historical dramas. Moreover, the stone Buddhist group represented by Dainichi Nyorai is also popular sightseeing course for tourists. Further, having several soy sauce factories make Usuki very famous.