Fully immersed in Japanese culture

It is a long 15 days of the tour so you have a chance to learn traditional lessons about Japanese Meditation, Calligraphy, Karate, Language, wearing Kimono, Tea ceremony etc. For example Day one At midday, we practice frequently used Japanese speaking, reading, and writing. After 12 am Japanese professional calligraphers will teach us how to write in Japanese. At night you will enter the hot spring.

For example First day Daytime: Japanese speaking practice Evening: Practise Japanese while walking in the city. Second day: Combinations such as practicing Japanese while walking in the town is also ok. According to your request, we will suggest a perfect course that suits your duration of stay. For acquiring skills it takes for a while, so we will prepare one room studying plan but you can have this service at the hotel. Let’s make a beautiful journey with the people who want to make different travel for fulfilling their life and to have new adventures in the world.