The riverside town since Tenryo era Hita is known for its beautiful water since old days. It has Mikuma river penetrating the city. Mameda-machi has old scenery of the city and you can enjoy museum and shopping there. The brewery tour of Sapporo Beer Kyushu New Factory is popular, too.

Sightseeing places in Hita

Mameda-machi, Kuncho Sake brewery

There is an old cityscape and it is the most famous spot in Hita. You can learn a lot about Japanese Sake at Kuncho Sake Brewery.

Tenryo Hita Ohinamatsuri

The bright city culture was made up by the citizens in old Edo era. Old precious Japanese dolls called Hinaningyo from Edo to Taisho era are left even now . 178 dolls have been displayed at ” Kusano Honke” in March.

Mikumagawa River

Dinner on the houseboat and fishing with cormorants are special features.

Onta Yaki

Onta Yaki has been one of the potteries with a traditional thechnique inherited for about 290 years. It is designated as an important intangible cultural heritage.

Takatsuka Atago Jizouson

Takatsuka Atago Jizouson is a rare stone statue of Jizou that belongs to both Buddism and Jinja Shinto, which is placed in Amagase town in Hita city. It is said that “Every wish will come true.”