The plateau surrounded by abundant nature and majestic mountains Kuju plateau also has a lot of charming and unique hot springs.

Sightseeing places in Kokonoe

Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi

The longest suspention bridge in Japan only for pedestrians. The data; 777 meters elevation, 173 meters height from the ground and 390 meters length. You can see the waterfall view from the bridge.

Yamanami Farm

This is the touristic farm that theme is touching animals. You can buy homemade bread and milk at the centerhouse and Fureai farm. Plus, there are a lot of facilities like restaurants, spa facilities and so on. It is also popular as a free resting place while driving on Yamanami Highway.

Kuju Flower Park

There are about 500 species, 3 million flowers blooming in the vast park from spring to autumn. You can enjoy fresh breeze, scents of flower, majestic scenery and flower fields.

Kuju Renzan

Kuju Renzan is situated from Kokonoe town to Taketa city. The highest peak is Nakadake and it is 1,791m high. These mountains are counted as one of “The best 100 mountains in Japan” and enrolled as Aso Kuju National Park.

Ryumon Waterfall

It consists of two waterfalls with 20 meters height and 40 meters width. People enjoy playing in the water in summer.

Nishi Shiiya Waterfall

The well known waterfall 86 meters high, selected as “the best 100 waterfalls”.