Kunisaki, Himeshima

The historic town with stone buddha and the old temples There are Buddhism heritage like stone buddha statues and the old temples. The theme of shopping street in Bungotakada is "the town of Showa era". Himeshima is located at 6 kilometers north of Kunisaki peninsula. It is famous for Kitsune Odori.

Sightseeing places in Kunisaki, Himeshima

Futago-ji Temple

Futago-ji Temple has overseen all the disciples since Edo era as the leader of Rokugo Manzan.

Fuki-ji Temple

The national treasure Fuki-ji Temple was founded in the latter half of 12th century and it is the oldest wooden structure in Kyushu area. It is also counted as “the 3 greatest temples in Japan” like famous Byodoin Hououdou in Kyoto and Chusonji Konjikidou in Iwate prefecture.

Kumano Magaibutsu

It has been designated as the national heritage with its great Buddha statues in Kunisaki. There are a tall Fudo Myouou statue and Dainichi Nyorai statue.

The Town of Showa era

Bungo Takada “the town of Showa era” has been renovated by the residents since 2001 to revive itself again as if it were what it was in Showa 30’s era, the age when it was the most vibrant.


It is held from August 15th to 17th. Kitsune-odori is the cute dance by boys rolling foxes.