Japan's leading carbonated spring Nagayu is the town known for rare carbonated hot spring. Seen from the worldwide view, it is very rare. Because The town has friendly relations with european spa city, it offers hot springs for the purpose of drinking like a lot of spas in Europe. It is said that "Both drinking and taking spas are good for stomach and heart disease".

Sightseeing places in Nagayu


Open-air spa in the river. Gani means crab and it is named after the rock that looks like it. The changing room is under the bridge. Bathing is 24 hours open and free.


You can drink hot spring water at the entrance of this spa.

Ramune Onsen-kan

The temperature of the carbonated hot spring with red “Yunohana” is 30 degrees celsius. The gas in the water looks brilliant at night.

Ramune Onsen Museum

One room in Ramune Onsen-kan is used as a gallery. It is free for spa users.