Nakatsu, Usa and Yabakei

The entrance of Oita, The head shrine of Hachiman-gu, The scenic spots are well-known nationwide. Nakatsu is the castle town famous for Nakatsu castle. Yabakei is the scenic spots well-known nationwide with a lot of rocks. Usa has the head shrine of Hachiman-gu.

Sightseeing places in Nakatsu, Usa and Yabakei

Usa Jingu Shrine

Usa Jingu is the head shrine of more than 40,000 Hachiman-gu all over Japan since 725. It has old precious architectures like 3 Honden as Japanese National Treasures.

Shin Yabakei (Hitome Hakkei)

Hitome Hakkei is the most famous scenic place in Shin Yabakei. You can see 8 sceneries in one sight from there.

Ao no Doumon

Ao no Doumon became famous nationwide for the novel “Onshu no Kanatani” written by Kan Kikuchi. The length is about 342m.

Rakanji Temple

Rakanji Temple has numerous caves in the middle of the mountains. The caves have more than 3,700 stone buddha statues and famous Gohyaku Rakan. It is said that dreams come true if you write your dreams on shamoji instead of ema.


Nakatsujo Castle

Nakatsu is the castle town famous for Nakatsu castle.

Yukichi Fukuzawa's old residence

Yukichi Fukuzawa is the great person in Meiji era as a democratic leader in Japan. He lived here until he got 19 years old. The memorial house shows the first edition of his masterpiece “Gakumon no susume” and mementos.