OITA tour guide

Information on travel and tourism in Oita prefecture is introduced.

The representative city in Oita prefecture known for hot springs and sightseeing. About 4 million tourists visit this city every year.

Hot spring town around the foot of the beautiful Mt. Yufu.

Village of a plateau blessed with the rich mountains magnificent in advance

The riverside town since Tenryo era.

The castle town famous for Yukichi Fukuzawa’s old residence.


There are glorious architectures in Usa Jingu, the head shrine of more than 40,000 Hachiman-gu all over Japan.

The scenic spots well-known nationwide with Ao no Domon, a lot of rocks and autumn leaves.

Japan’s leading carbonated spring.

The historic city which has national treasure of stone Buddha and traditional old samurai residence.


The quaint castle town from Edo era.

The historic town with stone buddha and the old temples.

It is famous for the unique Kitsuneodori, one of the Bon-odori, and also known for migratory butterflies, Chestnut Tiger.