First sunrise seen from the summit

¥ 66,600


Guide: English

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Celebrating the new year with the first sunrise from the summit of the mountain in Beppu.

1night: Traditional RYOKAN

Breakfast(1) Lunch(1)Dinner(1)

Transportation: Taxi

concierge: English


1night:Traditional RYOKAN
concierge: English
 Transportation: Taxi





walking street

△20:00 hotel 



▽5:00 pickup 

up to the summit 

breakfast on the mountain


8:00 go down the mountain

hot spring

▲10:00 drive you to 


Over view

Watching the first sunrise from the top of Mount Tsurumi gives you an unforgettable memory. It is truly very enjoyable watching the whole city and the sea by standing on the mountain and approaching close to the clouds. Its beauty is a very powerful feeling that can make you be capable of giving its view on the most hardened of souls. Beppu Ropeway is a very comfortable and fast transport for going to the top of the mount Tsurumi. It takes 10 minutes from foot of the mountain to the top by ropeway. While you go up by ropeway you can enjoy the wild landscape. The more you go up the more you see the whole city, the sea, and the neighbor cities.