Pufferfish tour in BEPPU

¥ 10,212

Standard course

2 hours tour

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Japanese winter speciality: Pufferfish

Tour total: 2 hours

Round trip by taxi from Beppu station

Guide:English (Extra charge)

Standard “Pufferfish” course

ー6 dishesー

・Chopped skin






Over View

Oita is very popular for its pufferfish (FUGU). Pufferfish is considered a very luxurious meal for Japanese people, that is why many customers come from other prefectures to eat delicious pufferfish in winter. If you want to enjoy authentic pufferfish while traveling, you should come to Oita Prefecture. We are accepting booking of pufferfish restaurant in Beppu city on this travel course. A taxi driver will take you from Beppu station to Fugu restaurant. If you want to departure from different place other than Beppu station, please let us know. And if you need a guide explanation of pufferfish course please let us know in advance, our guide will accompany.

Restaurant introduction

We have the taste confidence. Let’s enjoy Japanese deep flavor food. We offer you Oita’s local products and fragrance ingredients according to four seasons. We specially select the fresh seafood including Seki aji and Seki saba and bring to the restaurant. You can visually enjoy the design of Arita yaki on the dishes. Various food courses are also will be accommodated according to your budget. Please, enjoy the real Japanese food in Beppu. Our seasonings play important role. Sashimi soy sauce and ponzu sauce are original seasonings which are made from bonito, kelp, mirin, and others. Please enjoy the new taste which is different from your home cooking.