On the approach to universal design

To enjoy your trip comfortably

“I want to make a favorite trip, but I am not confident in my physical strength · · · ” or ” I can not do sightseeing with my luggage while pushing my spouse’s wheelchair … “Is not it gave up?

From Oita arrival to departure, professional staff will provide the support you need. Even for elderly customers, we will continue to enjoy the Oita hot springs and gourmet, and we will try our best to make you feel better after returning home.

What is Universal Design Travel?

We will guide you through the “heart barriers” created by your age and the trips you can participate by eliminating the presence or absence of disability. Professional staff can dispatch on a 2-hour basis, so you can choose to use only the services you need. Please rest assured that we will arrange well-equipped vehicles and collect information on barrier-free facilities.

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A pleasant trip to anyone

Elderly customers as well as customers who need nursing care
In order to relieve travel support, at our company, we hold training supporters training course and we offer training.
Please feel free to contact us.

     Universal Design Travel Manager:Mariko Noguchi

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