The historic city that has national treasure of stone Buddha and traditional old samurai residence. Usuki is famous for Dainichi Nyorai Buddism statues and the statue tour is popular. Puffer fish is one of the representative culture in Usuki that was made up by merchants in old age. The puffer fish catched in Bungo Suido Sea is applaused by gourmet people.

Sightseeing places in Usuki

Usuki Sekibutsu

There is 59 Buddha statues made of stone and designated as Japan’s National Treasures.

Old Samurai residences of Inaba, the lord of Usuki clan

It is famous for its Japanese garden.

Yaeko Nogami Literature Memorial

Yaeko Nogami is a novelist. The memorial is in her birthplace, Kotegawa Sake brewery.


Nio-za is designated as “the 100 of the city scenery”. There are old samurai residences and lots of temples.