Hot spring town around the foot of the beautiful Mt. Yufu. Yufuin is devided into 3 areas as Yufuin, Yunohira, and Tsukahara Onsen. They have rich quantity of hot springs.

Sightseeing places in Yufuin

Yufuin in morning fog

The fantastic scenery of Yufuin Onsen in deep morning fog from autumn to winter.

Kinrin-ko, Tsuji Basha

Kinrin-ko is the lake with hot springs. It is the symbol of Yufuin as famous as Tsuji Basha carriage.

Mt. Yufu

Beautiful Mt. Yufu also known as Bungo Fuji.


Shimon-yu is a traditional public bath located in front of the Kinrin-ko lake in Yufuin. It has a quaint look with straw- thatched roof and offers open-air bath connected with house bath for mixed bathing.

Yufuin Station

The modern and chic wooden station was designed by Arata Isozaki, the architect from Oita

Bussanji Temple

The old quaint temple. The precinct yard has two towers, Shomen Kongo-to and Konko Myo-oh-to, in their forest. They are calm symbols of Yufuin town.